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Gaming exercises

Page history last edited by Alan Burns 11 years, 3 months ago


1.    How would you find out about this development?

     -textbook rep;

     -early adopters

     -professional conference ||

     -students II

     -direct mail (from publisher)

     -social media: Twitter/blogs |||

     -tv news


     -campus center for teaching excellence program

2.    How do you decide to use (or not use)? 

          -quality of ebooks: print, content

          -interview students about use (of device)

          -annotations and highlights for text

          -would money be available for purchase (grant, campus)

          -dual versions?

          -check reviews online

          -use cases

          -are my favorite publishers covered?

          -check social network

          -use it ourselves ||

          -accessibility (platforms)

          -content: verify authors and content


          -check for other previewers, through a publisher: preview collaboratively

          -pick courses and departments (Fantasy Congress 2010: business, poli sci, study abroad, ethics, critical thinking, stats) - also interdisciplinary/LA classes

          -develop an assessment rubric

         -for podcast content, might wait for later, or just use an existing piece

3.    How to pilot/try out? (if you answered "yes" to #2)

          -survey students for interest

          -individual prof use in individual classes (ideally, two sections of same course to compare_

          -survey students for accessibility

          -depends on #2 (faculty test out, dual version)

          -port content to alternate means of delivery (Web services, projection, shared devices)

          -pilot in one class, see how students respond

                    -map game points into class assessment

          -try in smaller classes (easier feedback)

          -have students write reflection papers; check how it impacted their understanding

          -library: student assistants try it out

          -podcast: outside of class assignments

          -try game out as small portion of syllabi



4.    How to share your learning and reflection?

          -campus dean, departments

          -conferences ||

               -local conference, especially

         -social media: blog, Twitter, podcast ||I


          -peer lecture on campus IIII

          -meet with center for teaching, learning, tech

          -link in course management system

          -not share much, if it doesn't work out 

          -if money involved, share!

          -published article III

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