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NYSCIO futuring 2012

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1. Channels for the future


Social connections


-other people's children


-generating conversations


Social media

-YouTube searches: future of ed, future of learning (example)
-comments under youtube, Ooyala vids, or other media, "share this" options.

-TED Talks

-RSS feeds: rely on other people's active curation (requires care + feeding)

 Also Flipboard; Google Currents; Zite 

-social bookmarking (Delicious, Diigo)

-Twitter: immediacy, firehose; track tags + users

-discussion groups

-search alerts: Google Scholar, Google Search

Magazines etc: Wired, Pop Sci, IEEE Spectrum, Science, Nature, Science News+, NPR, Inc., Fast Company, Make, HBR


Other screens

-hobby sites (ex: Hackaday)


f2f events

-consumer electronics shows

-conferences: information + dialog.  Ex: futurists conference (Pop!Tech, SXSW, Educause, NERCOMP, Garner Symposium)



-CBC, Cory Doctorow




-fiction (dystopias; example)


2. Trends

-federal legislation                              states rights

-heat wave                                             global warming

-SUNY schools Working w/Banner to ease inter-campus registration (SICAS)

-Leap Motion device                              3d, gesture-based - "already exists, no?"

-student loan interest rate decision     Could split up college student market; costs? (II)

-Kurzweil's longetivity theory               People living longer; meaning...?

-Penn State scandal                                  Disrupt institutional business models

-" " " monitoring fail                                  Institutional culture of dissent

-"big data" coined                                        How big will this be?

-gene therapy family experience               More tailored therapy

-Apple iBooks Author                              informal publishing

-MOOC story                                             more MOOCs?

-tenure discussion                                         new faculty models

-challenges to learning disabled (LD)      future of LD?

-UVa, Dragas                                                  competing visions of implementing future

-AT+T announcement about data plans   different markets, US vs Europe; network is the computer  


3. Scenarios

MOOCs: taking over education; failing

Longetivity: extra long life; shortened life



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