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Casual Games

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Web-based browser games

Here we track computer games of a certain type: those playable through Web browsers. Their content can be action, puzzle, simulation, storytelling, point-and-click exploration, or any other genre. Tone can be comic, tragic, neutral, playful, political, etc.

Order is just alphabetical.

Anika's Odyssey - point and click adventure, very sweet.
Armadillo Run - engineering game, with a series of design puzzles
Blue Chamber- room-escape point and click game
Book of Waste
Bow Street Runner - historical mystery game, solving crimes in 18th-century London.
Cannibal Escape - Gothic-themed room-escape point and click game
Chain Factor - addictive math+Tetris game. Actually part of an ARG.
Coil - alien zygote development
Crimson Room - room-escape point and click game
Daymare Town, a mysterious escape-the-town puzzle story. From Mateusz Skutnik. Death in Sakkara - multiple mini-games around a story
Deep Chalk - an art game, creating a mysterious alternate world. Players have to deduce rules by careful exploration and observation.
Escape the Room - perhaps the original room-escape point and click game
Escape to Obion
Falling Sand
Flow in Games
Grow series - puzzle objects and stories

Gulf War 2
Haluz, Haluz 2 - surreal, soothing point-and-click adventure.
Harpooned - political satire against whaling.
Hell of Sand
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe - reproduction of older hypertext game
Karma Tycoon - NGO RPG
Knytt Stories - a development platform for many creative minigames.
Launchball - a series of science mini-games, focusing on basic physics
Line Rider (Belinka, 2006) (YouTube movies)
Line Rider 2
Mad Shark
Mystery of Time and Space - one of the earliest, and more huge, escape the room games
Nanw's Adventure - Welsh library book retrieval game.
Nightmare Escape
99 Rooms
Nation States
Orisinal games (many, many games here)
Polyphonic Spree - Quest for the Rest - point and click adventure
Pokku's Friend
Priscilla Gone Missing - point and click mystery
The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons - uses disarmament fantasy to teach nuclear proliferation
Questionaut - a sweet adventure game, aimed at K-12 education.
Rental House - a neat escape-the-room game.
Safe Place
Samorost 1
Samorost 2
September 12th
Smile Ninja Picomaru
Treasure Box - series of puzzles arranged vertically
Vectorpark sequence: Levers, Park, Thomas

Viking Quest

- BBC history educational game

Viridian Room

- room-escape point and click game

Wheat Straw Girl

- creepy short story

White Chamber

- room-escape point and click game

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