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Margaret Ericson

Page history last edited by Margaret Ericson 11 years, 6 months ago

Welcome, Margaret!



Bryan Alexander, Nitle Research, speaker today.


Educause Review v.39 no. 5 new issue on learning spaces. "Signposts of the revolutions: what we talk about when we talk about learning spaces." Phillip D. Long and Richard Holeton.


??Facebook Application for communicating with Student Workers.


Papers for iPhone.


Ipod touch vs Laptop


Twitter in the classroom ; Flickr in the classroom

Crowdsource in Twitter...asking a question to the group..pose a question to the Twitter World.


Flip Camera. http://www.theflip.com/index.shtml

Plugs directly into your laptop. Image quality not topnotch. Kodak CI6.

HD version. Kids, reporters using for


Smartphone (Blackberry). GPS, Camera, geotags the pictures. Connected to the web over cell network.


Not all mobile devices are wireless: cameras.

Ipod touch: doesn't have cell phone on it. Still need cell phone.

Olympus Record. Records to flash memory inside. Marantz.

Ipod touch: replaced herb's ipod and laptop. Can get a cheap phone.



Smartpen (made by LiveScribe). Scanner on tip, audio recorder on the butt.

Flickr and Picasa (photosharing).


Twitpic: photo sharing on twitter, e.g.plane on hudson, scooped by twitter before news.



US finally texting at an equal pace with the world. Mobile phone.

ubiquitous computing.


Standage. Victorian Internet.


Wireless = based on radio frequencies.

New Kindle. Connects through the cell phone network.


Bluetooth: Short Range transfer of info.Hands free.

Emerging standard: WiMax...dozens of miles..transmits over a whole city....trees get in way.


Mobile devices: analog, other digital devices.

Used for information and media use:

content capture: sound, images, video, writing scanned,

Content access: can access anywhere..can download or copy, access news info

Social connection: texting, talking, networking, can edit for later by downloading. 


Apocalypta. (musical group)


On Ipod Touch: have Facebook and Twitter Apps.

Podcasting: vs web radio (copyright)


Flickr, Youtube e.g H1N1 (what other cultures are doing).

Africa, ubiquitous cell phone use (bookkeepting, cellphone credit)

ICal: calendar tool via apple.


Webservices integrated on mobile devices (e.g. Facebook).

Small device experience improving, visually

Mobile devices are convenient.


Interfaces changes:

Mouse might wane.

tiny keyboard

Tablet..drawing with a stylus



Samsung. Windows mobile 1.


Open Publication Distribution Platform

Open vs Closed battle.

Different Platform: e.g. Kindle/Amazon. Apple platform only. Cell phone networks (companies protective of their market).


Emergent Social and Cultural Practices:

Devices and social multitasking: continuous partial attention. effect of multitasking on the brain.

MaryAnne__________ Proust and the Squid.


Sprint PCS card...connects you to the internet via the cell phone network


Publishing for the small web: smaller screen design..fewer buttons, more focused and linear.



Ipod touch improves the experience of small device browsing.

Websites should build optimal mobile device browsing.

Look at sports news, BBC as example.




Podcasts: Democracy Now. NPR shows. Rick Steves Travel.

Dan Cohen's Digital Campus



Librivox (free audiobooks, with podcasts)

Audible (purchased)


Increasing app:




Mainstream media is easy: BBC, NPR,

I Tunes Store: Directory of Podcasts is the best

Podcast Alley: good



Museum tour podcasting: Moma, Smithsonian.

As we may teach Maine:


Apple Apps Store:

Files light. Discover, Pandora, Weather. Wikipanion, iNotebook


Blackberry apps

Google Android cellphone apps

Ebook reader for teh iphone



Geolocation: Geotagging.

Flickr can geotag

Twittervision:when you create an account you have to tell it where you live.

Google Maps

You tube google maps.




Mobile cell phone Games. Jet Set e.g.

Handheld games for education


Incremental growth of wifi.



Flip Video. Media capture




B-flat major. Site.www.inbflat.net


MP3 players:



Capturing lectures and distributing via Ipods



Smaller laptops...Dell Mini e.g. good for travel, email, (jump drive adds memory).

If you want to get work done, need a keyboard. Keys are in a differenent place.


Supplement to your main pc.Easy to transport.


Ebook Readers:

Kindle (models 1,2 DX) luxury items. If you buy a lot of books it makes sense, otherwise its a nice toy.Amazon turned off the text to speech feature. Can play audio files on their.

?Textbooks (Kindle 3).


Phones: first peoples contact with news

iPhone huge





Data entry...Blackberry

Smartphones:Iphone, blackberry, bold, storm, Samsung smartphone

Google Android: Samsung & TMobile partner. Open access

PALM (new palm in June "Pre"




useful for math, non-Arabic language scripts, art drawing. electronic stylus.



Devices vs functions: GPS on your phone.

in your car


MP3 tours could be enabled with GPS.



ER, Personal REsponse Units



Requires a class to respond at the same time, but everyone in the class needs one.

Build responses into a class discussion

Poll Widgets. Polldaddy...widget or webpage for in class use.


Mobile Gadgets:

Kindle can only work with Amazon books, but a cable can allow you to loViewad your own docs.

Flash drives: Jump Drives, thumb drive.

Flash cardsSome emerging trends for the medium-range futureSome emerging trends for the medium-range future



Connecting devices:

docking stations





QR codes 




What Could I Do in 2009.

Mostly for managing my own work: smartphone or netbook or ipod touch


Some emerging trends for the medium-range future


Campus Strategic Responses:

Classroom multitasking: environment, wifi distracting?

New campus learning spaces outside of classrooms...information commons, lab, more controlled environment?

Off campus mobile learning: Remote sensing for engineering sites

Wireless Cloud: municipalities, Davidson College http://campustechnology.com/articles/2008/11/small-college-makes-big-leap-in-wireless.aspx


Surveys of usage and ownership



Implementing Clickrs

Device Bans (e.g. museums no photographs)

Duke Mobile App http://m.duke.edu/

Games development for mobile phones: teacher development Made City Mystery. South Shore Beach.



CAmpus Platform Design:

 -- Papers


--Campus Site...how will it work with mobile devices.

Wordpress will detect mobile devices.

Pilot program to test out technologies: SHU Mobile (Seton Hall University Mobile)

Pilot: Franklin and Marshall M Learning. Handing out I pods and touches to group of faculty.http://its.fandm.edu/iet/cat/programs/mlearning-pilot.html



Pedagogies Trends

Information on Demand

Everyone in class bringing laptops and notetaking (Herb Wilson)

Passing around notes in class: "backchannels", can use for learning community

Time Usage Changes

Class/world barriers reduction

Personal intimacy with units

Spatial Mapping

Mobile, multimedia, social research


Mobile content Site for Colby?

MIT site http://m.mit.edu/about


Multitasking threats: distractions, wandering. http://weblogs.swarthmore.edu/burke/?p=825

Cheating on tests if laptops used in the classroom for exams.


Imagining the Internet: A History and Forecast.Elon University / Pew Internet Project http://www.elon.edu/predictions/


My thoughts:

I think the campus ITS would be well served to assess the usage and desire for technology apps by students AND faculty at Colby. We are currently just served by what seems to be expedient and easy to deliver. Mobile technologies would work more efficiently if there were more licenses/seats  and networked access to various specialized software for specific subjects. For example, there are only a couple of network licenses to Photoshop. Art students can't get access to it where they need it, in the ART/MUSIC Apple computer lab in the library. Labs are still necessary for particular subject applications, e.g. audio editing, photo editing, where the instructors are.


Twitter use:

Creative Commmons Flickr. posting images


Semapedia http://en.semapedia.org/community/learnmore








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