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PASS Table 5

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  • Integreate CMS into other social networks that students may be using. The CMS could become an aditional node on a students social graph, bringing our content to the students rather than the students seeking out our content.

What applications could they have for teaching and learning?

  • Really useful for distance learning
  • Sharing research information
  • Collaborative work/group writing projects

How can we motivate faculty to use these tools, if they don't want to?

  • Show faculty that there can be a positive academic outcome, leading to learning outside of traditional classroom time.
  • Unordered list
  • Provide a push returning to more in-depth content rather than powerpoint outlines and presentations. Some of these may support activities that are hard to support in a traditional classroom setting (discussion, critique, etc) in larger classes.


  • Provide an IT blog letting students/faculty/staff what is up in IT. It will let people know the status of IT issues, and feature requests, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • IT can't support all technologies, so a wiki can be provided where users can post solutions for other users. Example: configuring a Ubuntu machine to access university email thorugh Mozilla Thunderbird.


  • Knowledge sharing among IT professionals
  • Collaborate with other universities

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