PM Software



What does a PM look for in an application? Support for documentation, visualization, communication, collaboration.

Leading and exemplary PMware

Microsoft Project - large-scale, globally used
Serena Mariner - alignment focused, portfolio oriented
Riskology, several downloadable tools ("simulator items")
Basecamp - hosted, Web 2.0.
Level 5 VPMO - hosted, portal.
OmniPlan - "Project management made painless" for OS X.
IBM Rational - portfolio.

Repurposed office productivity tools

Excel (used by some for small projects) (described at Educause project management group meeting, October 2002) (a how-to video
Lotus Notes for information aggregation, display, and sharing.
Visio for visualization and charting (a game design example).
OmniGraffle another charting tool similar to Visio for OS X.


Blogs -

P-log spec
The PM Web Log
Blogs and Wikis and Bears, Oh my

Wikis - Rainer Volz, ProjectWikis
Occidental College, Using a Wiki as a Project Management Tool

Gliffy, for charts and related drawing


Chuck Frey, "How to use mind mapping software for project management" (2004)
Ed Tufte discussion on PM information design