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Teaching digital natives

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This workshop has been offered several times, including once in May 2009, generously hosted by the University of Richmond.


I. Introductions

II. The concept

  • Proponents, aspects, criticisms

III.  The net.generation information landscape

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Google (wide spread of services)
  • music (Pandora, Amazon)
  • YouTube
  • selected sites (DeviantArt, Fanfiction.net)
  • gaming (casual games)


IV. Key concepts and issues

  • Privacy
  • Reading
  • Copyright
  • Fears (see below)

Notes from discussion

Notes from Twitter

  • Media literacy for both Faculty and students!
  • Not impressed by "coolness" of technology. They just expect it to work.
  • digital native is not the same as digitally fluent
  • More useful ways to subdivide those categories. Or ways to assess behavior in your user community, not a general stereotype
  • Faculty/dig immigrants need to become life-long-learners when it comes to technology, not just students/dig.natives
  • "Blackboard" (or other CMSs) is not "the answer" to technology in the classroom. Often, Bb hobbles not empowers
  • getting academics on board. They hate VLEs and that taints their expectation of all elearning + massive IP concerns
  • How teaching & learning is changing b/c of technology - "guide at the side" pedagogy, rather than "chalk & talk."
  • Providing services that are consistent with students' experiences in the world outside of academia


Thanks to slaatsslaats, grotophorst, jmcclurken, joefromkenyon, JessieNYC, clobridge!


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